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Cryotherapy - this is totally unique method, based on dosage effects of the cold. It is thanks to her doctors and patients to open up new possibilities for treatment, recovery and rehabilitation in the training process and cosmetology.
Cryotherapy - this cold treatment. Comes from the Greek words kryos- "cold" and therapya - "treatment" and in the modern sense - a physical method of treatment and rehabilitation based on dosage effects of the cold. Cryotherapy gives you a vivid emotion, joy, vitality and mental harmony. Cryotherapy is absolutely unique in its impact on the whole organism technique could in the future to claim the title of panacea of all diseases.
How does it work?
Meaning of therapeutic effect that under the action of cold in the kriosaune happening stimulation of protective systems. As a result, in order to avoid hypothermia, body mobilizes all its resources. It improves peripheral circulation and microcirculation, and then comes the release of active hormones from the adrenal and pituitary. Thus, cryotherapy provides a training without depletion of the bodyhis own resources.
beauty will save the cold
skin after "cold treatment" loses the usual "orange relish, cellulite, it becomes a smooth, fresh and rosy. This is due to improve blood circulation skin, stimulation of metabolic processes, therefore, update the cells faster.
What will cure?
After the procedure, noted an increased allocation of endorfinov and a significant increase in the number of red and white blood cells, it gives a general anesthetic effect, increasing the immunityand mood, improves sleep, relieves stress. Treatment Coldused to fight serious illnesses such as bronchial asthma , arthritis, arthrosis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema,allergiesof different origin, burns, etc.
Cam process cryotherapya very interesting happens: the patient comes in kriosaunu, resembles a vertical solarium. During the procedure, people talking to medical staff, supporting them with a permanent contact. And some, it happens, are very emotional. Man also puts swimsuit, rukavichki, socks, thereby exposing not freeze sensitive location.